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Wow; Thats kinda like putting a kid in a candy store and telling him he can only choose one. LOL I'm leaning toward a sprayer that hooks to a 3,pt hitch, but then again, a disk would be nice. No, I could really use a nice trailer, but a nice cycle-bar mower------- No, I'm sure of it I want a nice trailer, but sure hope I dont have make up my mind for keeps.

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The #1 attachment has to be a mower deck. As far as something I would actually use but have been unable to find, at least reasonably priced, is a front mounted weed and brush cutter.

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I think the sickle bar is neet. Gret to have the ability to cut where you can't drive. Already have a blower and cart. Yeah the sickle bar, (generator would be neat too...... and... and .....) Boy do I have it bad or what. I think I'll go paint my Cub. Mike

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Originally posted by thedaddycat
The one you don't have yet is the one you want the most....... For most useful/least common, I'll second Dan. Fork Lift.
Ain't that the truth... I agree that rarest/most collectible would be the fork lift, earth auger or groundsaw... I've never seen any one of these for sale, as I recall. But, IMO the fairly rare, very useful and one most discussed is likely the original front end loader... fairly expensive, also, if they're complete, and in good working condition. Other rarities with somewhat limited usefulness would be the carryall box, front weed/brush cutter, original generator, and revitalizer.... If you see one of these, jump on it quickly.... Somewhat more common but still very collectible would be an original grader blade or sickle bar... These are fairly frquently coming up for sale, but for big $$$$ if in good condition.... For my own uses, a revitalizer would likely be the one I'd need/use most...

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#1---Loader, after that, depends on the season which is higher on the list. 42 inch snow blower stays near the top, weed cutter stays up thier also. Forklift, # 1 on if I ever see one I may regret whatever I paid for it, short of a near steel

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Guess a loader would be at the top. :DBut in looking through the ads on Simple Tractors, I see something hooked up to a lot of the steering wheels that would sure be sweet!!! ;)A good looking young lady!!!! Maynard, whats the part number for her???????

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