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4040 & Snow Update

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Had to get a few things out of the shop before I could start this afternoon. 4 Pm


7:30PM Up and running with a little help from some jumper cables

Now I need to go through the controls and put the dash back together. I'll tackle that tomorrow, Right now it's supper time and the snows just now really starting to come down.

Also, don't look at all the mess in my shop. Like I said , too many projects and not enough time.:D Now I feel like I got something done today. With my homemade blade, I actually made a dent in this stuff. Had to get things running before the sun got to it.[:0]

This is about as good as it gets, pretty snow,then sunshine so it leaves as fast as it came.

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Looks great, I have so many projects im working on too. I have the cab, I have to tear the 410 in half and change the bgb, fix the leak on my vickers hydro, replace the electric lift with hydraulic, and find a powersteering pump for the hydraulic lift that im adding to the 410:D. Im almoost postive our garage is worse than your shop. I dont even know whats thats in there, theres everything in there. It would be great to have a tractor that size, that sure would be a real workhorse.

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Well consider that I started tearing into this project a couple of weeks ago, went to LA for 10 days then spent from about 8 that mourning till around 3 getting a front diff in an S-10 blaser for a friend before the snow came in. What I try to do is a basic teardown to see what's needed. Come back in some spare time and clean up parts, and do prepwork. Then reasemble. This time I skipped cleaning and prep and went straight to I wanna here this thing run! I got snow to push. If I were going to keep this and really run it I would take a little more time to clean, paint, and fix up real nice. But for now I just busted through it. Going after a sharp 616 sunday and i'll decide then which one I'll fix like I did my HB212. I'll get some pics of the 616 as soon as I get home sunday and see what I have.

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