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I've recently picked up a few new front tires in the search for better front end traction. Obviously weight helps, but I wanted to check out different tire styles. I posted recently about the new Snow Hogs(16X6.50-8) that went on a 3310 with the 46" plow. Well I got another set of Snow Hogs in 4.80/4.00-8 size for the smaller wheels. At first look, they seemed like they'd be way too tall when standing agianst the wider tires..... Here's a look at the tread patterns of both. They are identical in pattern but the lugs are scaled to the width of the tire. See how the narrow one is a lot taller?

Before I got too excited, I went up on the hill and got a mounted ag tire and an unmounted turf tire to compair the Snow Hog to. Here they are...

I put the ag tire and the Snow Hog against each other and got down level, lo and behold they're identical in height.....

I'll be swapping over some time in the future. I'll take some pics and measurements and maybe write a Tech Tip article on it when I do.... Oh yeah, I have another set of narrow fronts coming that are almost a cross between the Snow Hogs and the ags. Look for an update when they get here........ OK, the other tires came in today and here they are...

The tread is deep but not solid so we'll have to see how well they hold up under load. This tread is easily more than half a quarter deep, as you can see. BTW, the seller listed these as Cub tires but they say Craftsman on them....

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Thanks Daddycat,I could not find Sno-Hogs in that size (16x6.50-8). How many plies are there and what weight rating do they have?Where did you get them from?
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