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Vintage Allis Chalmers with Erskine Snow Thrower

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Originally posted by D-17_Dave
Now thats puttin some umph behind it. That wet stuff I got ahold of last week really put the ckoke on my 212. Bet that C didn't have that problem.
Originally posted by 10HorseMan
It would'nt take long to clear a driveway with that. :D
Those type of blowers are not all they're cracked up to be. Better than nothing, but certainly not the answer. I have an older Erskine snowblower that we mounted on a WD-45. You have to drive through the snow to move it. I can handle deeper snow with my B-110. 12" deep snow will not push through fast enough. If you aren't watching, it builds up on the blade until you are stuck with the tractor. You can't back up because of the huge drift between the tractor and blade, and you can't go ahead because you don't have the traction to move the drift. Takes a LOT of shoveling to get out. More than 12", and you have to BACK into the snow, pulling out about four feet at a time. Drive ahead about forty feet to clear that snow, then back into the snow again. In reality, it was FANTASTIC when we first got it. Thought we had it made! Then I got a 42" blower on an HB-112. The first winter I had that little tractor, the Erskine was mounted on the WD-45 and ready to go. The WD-45 was not started the entire winter. The old Erskine has not even been hooked up since then, about ten years ago. Four years ago, we purchased an 8', two stage Erskine. It is rear mount, rear facing so you back against the snow to clear it. That is only used to clear the main road, OR when the snow is just too deep for the little tractors to handle. It doesn't clear the ground as well, so we still do a final clean up with the little tractors. Pat

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Yeah, if the snow was any deeper than about 18", you could just as well leave that tractor in the shed. Absolutely NO way to drive through that much snow, and the blower could not raise high enough to back in and take the "short bite" method.

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