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Don't overlook the basics !

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I just finished rebuilding a 8 hp Briggs I/C series horizontal shaft engine on a Mighty Mac walk behind blower. I did the following: Honed cylinder, new rings, new oil seals, cleaned and lapped valves, tanked carb. and rebuilt it plus all the little things that go with it. I had it stripped down to just the bare block with nothing else. I used all new parts and put it back together with no real problem. Before I took it apart I had tried to get it running because I had recently bought this machine used. I had put a new spark plug in it that I had gapped properly. The machine wasn't going to run right so I decided I wanted to keep it around for a while and after checking it out more thoroughly decided to go thru entire engine. I put it all together and bolted it on the machine, filled it with gas and started it up. It didn't run good, fooled with it a little and then decided it was best to come back to it the next day. So the next day I started it again, thought it was a fuel problem. Checked fuel shut off, fuel line, filter, pulled carb off and took it apart again. It was nice and clean,rechecked float etc. Started it up again had it running, just not right. It appeared that the carb. adjustment was helping but not enough. I have rebuilt small engines before and know that I have a good success rate. Well I kept going through it checking things such as the gas cap vent, anything and everything. Just couldn't figure it out. It just appeared to be a fuel problem but carb was fine, new fuel filter, tank was clean etc. So, I finaly decided to let the engine cool down and recheck all the bolts such as the head and carb. and intake manifold. While there I decided to see what the spark plug looked like. Curious as to how it was running ? I pulled the spark plug to look at it and hit the jack pot. Guess what I found ? ______________. Anyone figure it out ? This was a new plug that I had previously gapped. Well somehow, which I don't know how, the electrode got pushed closed so there was no gap on the spark plug. So I got another new plug, gapped it and put it in. Started machine and problem was gone. The machine ran so much better, carb adjustments made a differance and machine just ran right. So all this long story for what ? I guess the point is that when you know what your doing you should still never overlook the basics. My experience has been that it allways seems to be the simple little things that get overlooked that are usualy the problem. Just one word of advice, let your engine cool down before removing the spark plug on a aluminum head. I had a friend of mine strip a kohler head on my welder once by doing that. Al

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Very sound advise Al. I had a boss once that tried to beat that into my head. And it is amazing how many times the silly little overlooked things come back and bite you in the butt. :DI usually just look around and hope no one was watching and keep quiet about it.:D ;)Thanks for the reminder.

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Yep my first journeyman drummed that into my head. "When trouble shooting always start with the simple thing that could not possibly be wrong." Sage advice my friend, thanks for the reminder.

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