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Broadmore brake linkage adjustment

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Hello - I just picked up a Broadmoor 15H (hydro) that had a problem with the brake linkage. Eventually I realized that the L shaped rod (guide rod) was not supposed to be bent on the end. After I straightened it, I was able to get it together and everything seems to work fine. However, while reading the manual I saw that the next rod (brake rod) is also not supposed to be bent at all. It looks like I would need to disassemble the rear end of the tractor to get at the far end of it, so I really don't want to do that if it isn't necessary. The only potential problem is that the spring on the brake rod may well be out of spec right now. The parts manual says that it should be with a certain range of lengths when the parking brake is on (? 2.75-3.125" I think). My suspicion is that the bend is causing it to be longer than it should be. Does anyone know what can result if that spring isn't properly adjusted? Since it seems to be working, I'd much rather let this go for now if I can. Thanks much, Greg

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