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Two years ago on ebay I bought a 1984? Gilson HY16TE tractor.That translates into 2 cylinder 16 hp Briggs with hydrostatic drive.It had a bad bearing in one of the mower decks bearing assemblies which were hard and expensive to get.The tractor was in mint condition except for that.It has a 38" deck,heavy duty snow plow,wheel weights and chains.I paid a wopping $125.00 for it with delivery!I was the only bid.I fixed the deck,changed the oil,tuned it up and put new belts on it.At time of purchase I knew nothing of the brand.It was well made and big like my 900 series A/C.As it turns out Gilson was sold thru Montgomery Ward and it is a tough brand for parts or a loyal following.The other day on ebay they had the 24 page owner's manual that went with my tractor.To make a long story short it went for $33.00.I placed a bid for $20.00 on esnipe thinking no idiot will come close to my bid .I'm the only one stupid enough to pay that kind of money for 24 pages of paper.Was I wrong! What is the psychology to pay so much for the manual and peripherals when the whole tractor is only worth $125.00? I don't get it.I see this too with the antique cars I collect.People will give me a whole run down on the history of the car with a geneolgy of the owners.I don't care who owned it.I'm only interested in the car and its condition.I would rather have a 55 Tbird that was owned by a dishwasher at the diner than a 68 4dr.Dodge Polara that was owned by the governor.Get my point.

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