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Help in adapting a plow blade to a bucket

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Has anyone made an attachment to create a scoop or bucket for their blade. I have an electric lift on my T12 & a nice 42" blade. The lift has enough power to lift the front wheels off the ground with down pressure. I'm looking to build something that will allow me to scoop & or just move some rocks, gravel etc. from one side of the yard to another. Even if I need to roll the rocks on it would be easier than geting them in the trailer. Don't need much lift, just enough to get it off the ground a foot or so. Maybe a piece of steel with two arms or brackets that are 45deg to the blade? Any thought guys??

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I forget where I found this (it may be comercially available)but I was thinking about the same thing before I located my loader.

It's a pretty neat set up and really quite simple. I have hydraulic angle on my blade already and was just going to move one cylinder but it could be done with one of those small electric winches as well. Hope this helps.

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those look pretty fancy, I was wondering about a quick adapter, as I said more to use the lift as a means of carrying "stuff" across the yard. I don't need the high lift or auto dump, etc, plus I'm not about to set up hydraulics on my machine; my budget on tractor "toys" is gone for a while, I just picked up an old Britich sports car & need to keep things chilled on the homefront.

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