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All this talk of mice biulding nests in shrouds reminds me a few years ago I had a 10HP out of a 3410 sitting in the shed for a couple of years. I guese after the first year the mice went on vacation and some bumble- bees found a new home. Imagine my surprise when I grabbed it up and started to tote it outside to use[:0]I tried all kinds of things to get shed of them nasty bugs but with the shroud in the way I could'nt get to the center and kept just ticking them of. I finally sprayed gas on the thing and just set it on fire, letting the heat drive them out into the flames. Cost me a coil but it was wourth it. Same thing happened on a silage cutter on my granparents farm one year. We just turned it on, hit the trottle wide open on the tractor and ran inside to escape the cloud and ate lunch. When we came back, no more bumble bees:DSeriously annoying but simple enough of a solution.
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