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Kohler Magnum 18 - no spark

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Hello, I've spent quite a bit of time searching through the archives and haven't found all the answers I'm looking for and hoped you all could help. I have an AC917 with a replacement Kohler Magnum 18. Here are the symptoms. 1. Had it for five years. In the late fall (cold) of 2002 I went to the shed to start it, no problems, about 5 minutes later it quit. It would crank all day long, but not fire. I put it away for the winter. 2. Late winter (cool) I tried to start it to move it and it started great. I moved it, shut it off, and waited until mowing season. 3. Last spring 2003 (warm) I went to start it . . . nothing. It only cranked. Removed spark plug to check spark . . . nothing there. 4. Last spring 2003 (warm). Pushed it into shop. Cleaned the connections on my "on-off" toggle switch (toggle switch only has a single wire and comes from the engine directly) that is connected to one of the two wires leaving the Magnum 18, cleaned the battery connections, put the dash on and it started. Hooked up the tiller and it used it about 5 different times, started and ran great each time. Quit using it in June 2003 5. September 2003 went to start it . . . nothing. Just cranked, no spark. I left it alone. 6. Worst snowfall of the year in January 2004 I was desparate, cleaned off the "on-off" toggle switch, put it back together, and it started and ran great. I used it on two different days and worked perfectly. 7. March 2004, second worst snowfall. Wouldn't start, just crank, no spark. ugh. At this point I know I can't stick my head in the sand anymore. 8. April 2004, no spark still, took dash off. Checked continuity of the two wires where they leave the Magnum 18 and go to the ignition switch and my toggle "on-off" switch. Cleaned the switch again (wasn't dirty) switched ignition switch from a parts AC 916 tractor (don't know if that switch was good) and no change. 9. I'm at the point of removing the engine and really don't want to. Can you tell me some simple things to check before I do? Should I buy a new ignition switch? Should I rewire the whole thing? I know it is something simple, I just hope it is simple, cheap, and, fast not simple, expensive, and slow. I'm sorry this is so long. Thanks for any of you who respond after reading this novel. Thanks, John

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John, I would seriously entertain that the solid state coil module is faulty here. My brother's Sunstar with a Kohler Magnum 20 has been doing the same thing to him for a year now. He has exhausted all other possibilities and is not looking forward to pulling the engine. One would think it would have died completely after being intermittent so long. The module was about $60.00 from Jack's. Regards, Tom(PK)

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