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E. Bryan

B-10 for sale

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Here's my two cents for what it's worth. First say what you want for it and post an advertisement in the "Tractor For Sale" section of this site. If you really want to get the absolute top dollar, put up with the work and time involved, then start high on this site and then lower it as you get a bite. If you don't know what it's worth, don't ask this forum because this forum is not intended for dealing on tractor purchase. Do you really think people who like these tractors will give you their highest price or might they work you? Right now, I am tractor'ed out and I don't have a high price, I have a low price. Note: You can also go eBay, but you can do just as well using this site if you start high and work your way down. I believe postings are free, or at minimum $10. Or you can use a combination of eBay and this site. It all depends how much effort you want to put into getting your best $$$. Good Luck... Keep it running.
Originally posted by E. Bryan
I have a B-10, and my yard is getting smaller, just wondering what I could get for it.

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