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All: Pardon me for putting this here, but I thought it might be of general interest, and it is about what may become my substitute "tractor" while I get my Wonderboy "800" together. I just acquired (this a.m.) my neighbor's Arien's snowblower, but it has a separate, rotary mower head, complete with two castering front wheels, like a mini zero-turn mower (though it's not a zeroturner--it's a snowblower with the auger removed.) The model is a 7-10M, so I assume it's a 7 hp. I wold guess it was built in the 80's. UPDATE: The above model number was off of the impeller/auger houseing. The chassis itself has a model I.D. tag which reads "10M6D 055209". My buddy has the same machine and his says it's a 6 hp., so I guess that's what this is also. I went onto the Arien's site and founding no pdf.s, nor could I even pull this model up. I was trying to get a parts blow up, so I could see what all is involved, to mount the mower. I have found such illustrated parts lists on Sear's site, back to the early '70's, I believe, so I thought a high-quality product like Ariens would also list such a resource. Does anyone know where to get such parts blowups, and/or owner's manuals, for older Arien's stuff? The engine has poor compression, but I've seen it blow snow (poorly--needs carb work). I do need to rig up an air filter, as it's an open carb. Thought it would mow our .82 acres faster than one of our walkbehind mowers. I'm also interested in any experiences anyone has had with this model blower, and more particularly, with this funky mower attachment. It's built like a Simplicity (rugged) in that it's made from 1/8" steel, heavy steel framestock and has zerks--a quality unit. The mower's model # is 35-10M, but the blade itself is only 25 and 3/4" long. Yes, this is the same neighbor who "gave" me that man's older, (7hp?) Cub Cadet. I will gladly do something with it (part it out?) and let you know, if I ever do get it. This neigbhor did give me (from the trash) a TRACKED Sears snowblower (I always wanted to try a tracked model), engine and starter removed, but I later recovered the engine. I forced $25.00 on my neighbor for the Ariens, this morning, as he paid that for it and once said he wanted to get rid of if for $25.00. I got him to accept the money by suggesting that it will sharpen his eyes for picking up tractors out of the recycle/trash for me (he works at the Town's recycle facility). Well, I've got a (another) carb to clean. I will try to get some pics of this wonder, as I have borrowed a digital camera. Lastly, any ideas for an air cleaner would be appreciated, as the ones I have are for little push mowes, even if I could get them to fit (doubtful) and I believe this may be a 7hp., as I say. Thanks, Peter

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Update: Arien's site does have some pdfs (helps if you use the chassis's model number, rather than an attachment--lol). Under their "Parts Radar" page, I found the basic "tractor" (actually listed as a "tractor"--guess they're speaking of the two-wheeled variety, huh?) The pdf. seems less complete than some, and I haven't found a table of contents, nor an Owner's Manual, yet, but I'll keep looking. May get lucky yet. Here's Arien's "Parts Radar" page but I can't "cite" the actual pdf. for this machine for you to see--the page won't stay open: [url]http://partsradar.arinet.com/Scripts/EmpartISAPI.dll?MF&app=ASP&lang=EN&TF=ARNS/MainFrame&LoginID=ariensc&loginpwd=consumer&Partner=ARNS[/url] I have not got the mower head or blower "attachment" to come up under model number search. Oh well. Ran pretty well after I adjusted the carb someone--it's now off for cleaning. Doesn't smoke at all or knock, so I'm considering air cleaner options. Pics are a good week away. Peter

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