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What size snowblower?

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Hi I'm Jim. I just picked up a Landlord 101 this past week-end. Found your site when I was looking for manuals. It is my intention to set this up as a snowblower only machine. It does not have a Hi-Lo range selection so I want to install a snowblower that will not over power the engine. Also I have a 15 degree + driveway incline that I need to deal with as well. I am going to post a "want to buy" classified but would like to ask for an attachment that is proper for my Landlord 101. Appreciate any advice you can offer.

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I'd recommend any of the 36" single-belt snowblowers for the Landlord/Sovereign class machines. I would NOT recommend a 42" snowblower for a 10HP machine, since you live in the Northeast where we can get heavy snow -- 10HP would handle a 42" in powder snow, but not the "white concrete" we can sometimes get up here. I'd stick with the 36"... As far as gearing, you may want to try finding an 8" speed reduction pulley (and correspondingly longer belt) for the transmission. This will gear it down enough to where you shouldn't need to ride the clutch in deep, heavy snow. You could then use second gear for the light snows.... I'd recommend wheel weights (or loading the rear tires with windshield washer antifreeze) for additional weight for traction, then add 2-link chains and you should do fine on that 15 degree slope. I'd also suggest you either try to find or fabricate a rear counterweight to help lift and counterbalance the weight of the snowblower out front... your left arm will be grateful, plus the additional weight on the back will also helps traction. Welcome aboard!

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I have the 3 belt blower and have yet to use it. In my time here I have heard enough about the 3 belt blower to feel that if you have a choice of 3 belt or 1 belt go with the 1 belt blower. I do not know how much of a performance difference there is but the 1 belt blower seems to be a lot less troublesome then the 3 belt.

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