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Repair for steering drag links with built in ball


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Back when I was working on Simplicitys full time there were quite a few tractors made that had drag links etc with build in ball joints. One guy came in the shop needing one badly but no one had anything in stock to fit his machine... He cut grass for a living and really needed to keep going so I said I'd see what I could do. We got his trailer to the shop door and I could see that the socket for the ball joint was made into the drag link. I removed the link, cut the end of it off, Welded on a 3/8s or 7/16 fine thread bolt and threaded a ball joint onto it till the spacing was the same as before.. Labor and all he came out a little cheaper than the price of a new link and from that time on could buy just a 5 dollar joint instead of a 40 or 50 dollar link.. Thought maybe this info might be of use to some of you..
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