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Ammeter cover

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Give this a try.. Stop by a local body shop and ask for an ounce of clear coat polish. The grit in it is aluminum oxide ( 9 on the Mohs scale or the next step under diamond, though that is a HUGE step..LOL ) and about 10,000 grit. I made a polishing pad by taking a pillow case, rubbing it down with the polish and folding it to about a 5 inch square, putting a 5/16ths bolt through it, and cutting the largest circle out on it that I could.. you then place the pad in a drill and polish as needed.. Works great on silver and gold jewelry, Polishing up old bottles ( But will cut the printing if not careful ) just about anything that needs a shine. And with the grit being so fine, its slow and "Burning" something is not much of a problem... if the cracks go all the way through, or just to deep to polish out you may want to visit your nearest glass shop.. Lexan ( No idea of the spelling ) is way more durable than plexiglass and i understand it weathers better.. It can be rough cut then the sides sanded to fit....Good luck

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