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Rough day mowing.


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I had noticed my 728 had more "give" in the swivel than usual, but hadn't had time to check it. I had problems with the brake, so I replaced all the belts and adjusted according to the manual.I could not get it to do right, either it just sat there, or wouldn't disengage when trying to stop. The reason...the transmission plate is broken!! The whole rear end would flex, that's the reason I could not get it adjusted. Pulled out a 5008 I had picked up for a spare and put the mowing deck on it. I didn't have time to swap rear tires so I had to mow without my ag tires. A guy I know had a 738 with a bad trans, so I guess I will try to talk him out of the plate. Recently I got a 2012 without a deck, anybody got one they want to part with??
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