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What's It Costing?


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Please do NOT misinterpret this. This is NOT a case of "poor-mouthing" or asking for contributions, simply an open, honest answer for everyone to see -- I'm not keeping secrets, so now it's public knowledge....

I keep getting asked "What's all this costing?" and "How can I help?" I was asked again in Sunday night's Chat session. I appreciate your concern. So, here's the honest, open answer of what this has cost so far:

Domain Name Registration for the Simple trACtors name and URL: $70.00, good for two years, and $35.00 per year after that

Monthly Server Rental: $19.95 per month, with a 3-month minimum ($59.85 total) in order to "avoid" a one-time setup fee

Cost of the shareware discussion forum, ZpayBBS, that we're using here: $25.00, one-time

Cost of the Tripod site that we quickly outgrew: $6.00 for 6 months, $36.00 total. It will not be renewed, so the "forwarding address" will stop in June.

That's the answer. BUT, please don't try to make contributions to me -- talk with Tim. He volunteered to take on this headache (and I'm certainly grateful)! Thanks to all of you for your concern.
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