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Saw a comment in the "Suggestion Box" that I wanted to respond to, regarding searching.... You can already do a "simple search" of either the Discussion, For Sale, or Want Ads by typing in a Single Keyword and clicking the Submit button. This is NOT a complex search -- you can't use multiple words, phrases, or boolean logic -- ONLY one word.... Try it -- for example -- a search on "210" in the discussion forum pulled out about 2 and a half pages of messages out of the 77 pages of messages to date.... The system keeps this search (actually a filter, for any techies) turned on until you click the Clear button. This is done to allow you to keep going back and forth, reading the messages, without having to search again.... To clear the search criteria, click the Clear button. In comparison, the complex, full-text search on Simple trACtors will automatically clear and "lose" the search after you've clicked on a link -- you have to use the browser back button to get back to the results list, or search again. I just wanted to clarify this, in case some folks didn't realize this capability was already here. There was another good suggestion on being able to sort the ads by location -- I'll look into that one and see if it's simple enough for me to tackle! 8o) Kent
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