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Electrical help needed-regulators


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I am trying to put this starter/generator briggs into this 916H. It came with a wiring harness off of the 7016 that the briggs came out of along with the voltage regulator and ignition switch. I am trying to decipher where all these wires go to. Yes I have a wiring diagram for it along with some older ones. I have several questions if someone would be kind enough to help me with. 1. The voltage regulator has the three terminals out the side and one on the bottom. The three on the side are labeled Batt, F, and L. All of the wiring diagrams I have found show Batt, F, and G. I am assuming the L on mine is the G on others? Also, the terminal on the bottom, is that a ground-what does it go to, just the frame? 2.Off of the 5 prong ignition switch is a prong labeled M, on the diagram it shows a ground symbol. Is that supposed to go to the - portion of the ammeter? 3.I have one wire from the ignition switch which goes to the Batt terminal of the voltage regulator and a smaller wire coming off of that, does this go to the + terminal of the ammeter? I also have a red wire that comes off of the solenoid that in the diagram is supposed to go to the Batt terminal on the voltage regulator. So in essence, there are two wires connected to the Batt terminal on the regulator-1 from the ignition (with a wire to the ammeter) and 1 from the solenoid is this correct? 4. What is the terminal board for? There is a wire off of the ignition switch (terminal L-lights?) that goes to the terminal board with a wire coming off of it-is that for the light toggle switch?
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