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Another Johnson Loader Hyd question


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Thank you for your help so far on my Johnson Workhorse 10 (mounted to a diesel compact) A couple people asked if my belt was slipping causing low hyd pressure - this set up takes the hydr right off the pump in the gearcase below the seat - same pump that runs the 3pt hitch. Anyhow, on to my question. I have an increasing leak in the valve/levers control box (dont really know what it is called) which leads me to believe I have blown an O ring or damaged a valve, hence the reduced lifting capability. It seems to be getting worse, even when I dont use the loader - as the hydraulics are live. How do I open up the valve body? there are two levers, and four quick connect lines coming out of the top. I see no obvious bolts to take the thing apart. Thanks again for the help. I wish this was a question about my AC 712, but it isnt giving me any trouble to ask about:o)
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