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Correct colors

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Andy, This has been a tough subject. Try searching the forum and the archives, perhaps someone will reply to this with their best information on top of what I will help with next. So far, I've bought the cheep $3 cans of paint from Walmart Dupicolor Chevy Orange-Red Engine paint. I've painted a tiller, some small parts to my 3112H and a mower deck. Now this particular paint looks close to the Omnibrand red I was referred to (made by PGP), but I didn't really do any fine painting and really compared it close. At first glance you can't tell the difference. Now the tough thing is, I think your 725 and the 63 Landlords are a slight color difference (enough to notice) and I think the newer Simplicities are different too. So this is about all I can tell you with my minor first hand experience. I am going to keep painting orange decks and implements with this paint, because I really don't care how close the implements are to original, as long as they work and don't rot. As for getting your right color, I'm punting to the more experienced members of this club. Hope this somewhat helps. (I should add, welcome new comer. These old machines are neat eh?)

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I have a 61 Wards (725). From the look of the paint under the hood, they were more red than orange. Much redder than the Allis Chalmers or Chevy Engine Orange. Mine is not original, since it is now painted black and maroon.

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The Walmart Dupicolor has two chevy engine paints. One is Chevy Orange and one is Chevy Orange-Red, the "Orange-Red" looks very close to the 3012 and 3112H series tractors. The complaint I remember hearing was that it faded quickly (poor paint). I was also told that Omnibrand was the cheaper paint. andyketch, one thing you should mention is if you are a "purist" (this is not a religion thing :) wanting to restore as close to original or if you just want to make a good looking machine (i.e. you really don't care too much.) I am in the middle on those two. I'd like to at least get close, but I'm not going to over do it.

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