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B-112 48" deck vacum shute

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B-series vacuums used a 2-pulley system (one to the tractor PTO which was always live) and the other had an idler pulley and engagement lever that served as a clutch....

I think B=series vacs were interchangeable between 42" and 48" decks. I have a vacuum (supposedly off a B-12, which should have had the 48" deck) with this arrangement and the deck adapter fits my 42" deck. In any case, the adapter looks simple to fabricate, if necessary....

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Steve, if your deck is like mine, I believe they did not make an adaptor for the older 48" decks. The adaptor you probably have will fit the 42" and newer 48" decks. Having both decks I can see it would not be that difficult (using someone handy in welding and fabrication) to modify your 48" to receive the adaptor. Also the vac units were made for the tractors with the cone clutch on the bevel gear box. How are you going to engage and disengage the vac blower? Or are you going to just let it run when you start up the tractor? Good Luck!


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I have seen about a dozen or more of the older decks and all of the 48" have a wing and a bigger opening on the discharge chute, while the older 42" did not (same a new decks). I have the mounted bagger and have used it on both old and new 42" decks. I looked at the double pulley system from my tiller (for my HB212) but the pulleys would not line up for the bagger. (Also the tiller pulleys would turn the vac blower too slow). So If they had one for the B-series it would have to be slightly different (the location of the driven pulley) than the bagger for the later models. --MS--

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I'm no expert, but it looks like the B-series vacs are as different from the later ones as the B-series tillers are... There MAY be differences between the early and late B-series vacs, when it comes to pulley sizes and the ratios involved....

I'm not suggesting that you use the same pulley setup for both tillers and vacs -- I was using the tiller as an example. On the B-series attachments (before center PTO cone clutches), each attachment had their own set of pulleys, clutch, etc. The only thing they shared was the second PTO drive pulley on the bevel gear box.

On my vac, there is a spring-loaded idler (to maintain tension) and a drive pulley on the left side (facing forward) that takes the power from the center PTO. The vac drive pulley attaches to a cross-shaft that goes to the right side of the vac frame, transferring power to the other side of the vac. This cross-shaft, then, is always live when the motor is running. On the right side of the vac, there's another pulley and another (much shorter) belt, the lever-engaged clutch idler pulley, and the pulley connected to the vac's impeller shaft.... (I can't remember all the pulley sizes, I'm at work...)

There's still a question in my mind on the appropriate PTO drive pulley size to drive either a vac or a tiller, based upon the specific tractor and implement. I'm getting ready to put a 5" pulley on mine (which is what the B-210 tiller shows), but how it'll work with a B-12 vac is yet to be determined. The older B-series tillers used what appears to be either a 3" or a 3.5" PTO drive pulley....

I've only test-fitted the B-12 hose adapter to my 42" deck, and the mounting bolt holes seem to line up fine... but I haven't actually tested it. (I mounted the vac to the rear hitch and test-fitted everything as I was trying to figure out how to drive it, belt length, pulley size, etc.) I hope to find out in the next couple of months as I get the system restored and ready for fall leaf pickup. I'm replacing rotted canvas on the dump cart....

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