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Sovereign & Rear Deck Roller Question

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The last years of the Sovereign, I am to understand they had a rather troublesome Kohler engine - TH in type? If one were to find one of these tractors, still new and wanted to swap in another engine, what engine/model would one use? Has anyone done this? Were the 75 Anniversary Edition Sovereigns equiped with this 'TH' engine? Anyone who bought one of these actually using it as a working tractor? Lastly, when backing-up with Sovereign's (or any other similar deck) deck with rollers across the back, are they prone to catching and bending the rod that runs through them? Thank in advance, Bill

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Any of the decks on the Allis'es I've had dont have the roller problem. We have a 917 and 912 which are very similar to the 75th Edition. THe Case 222 I have does seem to have this problem though. Not sure if the roller's are too worn or what's causing it.

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Hi, We sell a complete kit to do this. Includes engine and all of the parts needed to the last screw. Instructions are detailed and is written for the average homeowner that is handy with hand tools. We also have kits to repower the 7100 Simplicity and 900 Allis tractors from 1980 up. Next is the Sun Star and Deutz Allis 1900 kits available both in 20 and 25 horsepower kits. We submitted our TH-CH kit to Kohler and they installed it and it has been temp certified. We had Kohler in and they verified the temp testing and certification on the 25 Sun Star and 25 hp John Deere 400 kit kit in December. They are both Kohler temp certified. FYI, when an OEM [manufacturer] developes a new unit, they need to run a series of temperature tests in a hot room on a dyno. Kohler and other engine companies have a set of parameters for temperature that MUST be met. If the OEM doesn't meet them, or doesn't do them, they may have engine failures from overheating or heat recirculation. The engine manufacturer may determine the failure is caused by application problems and NOT WARRANTY the engine failure, because it is not the engines fault. The liability then falls back to the OEM or kit manufacturer. If the OEM or kit manufacturer goes through the certification process and has the application certified, they can sell it anywhere in the world and not have to worry about having to stand engine failures due to temperature due the application. The test measures temperature at about 10 points on the application including oil temperature at the imput to the oil pump and cylinder head temperatures. It takes about 3 hours of dyno time to run and is done in a hot room. The desired room temperature is 110 degrees, but Kohler can "correct" measurments from a 90 degree room. Some other items we have are packages to repower the 5000 and 6000 Simplicity tractors with Vangard V twins. We do not have a complete instrucion package done yet, but have sold some and covered some of the detail work over the phone. The Briggs horizontal twins are gone, as are all of the Briggs L head engines. The only ones available are what is in the distribution pipeline. The 28P and related Briggs OHV engines are discontinued. These engines are not being produced effective Jan 1 2004 because they can't make the 2004 EPA emission standards. These fit the late 90s Regents. We are able to get a few engines yet to replace them, but are working on a repower package using the CV Kohler. Just a few things from the repower world. Good luck, Al Eden

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