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Mulching Kit, Older Simplicity?

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I have an early-80's Simplicity 5212.5H with a 42" deck (and a single-stage snowthrower, and plow blade). I inherited it as part of the purchase of my current home (with about 2 acres to mow), and it has served me well for over a year and through a good winter. I'm currently bagging the clippings and it works perfectly fine, but I'd really like to mulch instead. I tried installing Gator blades but of course without a mulching kit it really didn't make any difference (and I actually found that the factory blades gave me a more-even cut with the bagging.) Does anyone either know of a source for a mulching kit for this deck and/or give me an idea on what's involved in fabricating one? If I can't buy one to install I'll gladly fabricate, if only I can determine what's involved. Any assistance is appreciated! Greg

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Hi, welcome to the club... I am not sure if there is a kit avalible for that style tractor or not but I have had several tractors and most all of them basically just have a plate to block off the discharge shoot... Only tractors I can think of that has any thing more than that is the Toro Wheel Horse tractor...They have to change the whole baffle sysem under the deck and use a different style blade...

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Moverman, thanks for the welcome! I did some basic research and could find nothing that was offered for this tractor. There must be something more to this than I suspect. I fabricated a plug for the outlet on the deck out of styrofoam and fiberglas, and re-installed the Gator blades. Looked nice, but didn't work worth a squat; all it did was cause clumps and rows of grass. I ended up removing it and re-cutting the lawn with the bagger. However, I may try again, as the grass was a bit wet. But still, it worked very poorly. What is the purpose of the baffles that come with some kits, that fit under the edge of the deck? What's the art and science in making this work? I have a push mower that simply closes up the outlet with nothing special for blades, and it mulches great; why won't it work with the tractor deck? Stumped in CT...

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