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Front mounted Dethatcher


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[img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/uploaded/MN_FISH/Front9020Dethatcher.JPG[/img] [img]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/uploaded/MN_FISH/9020Dethactherside.JPG[/img] I built this front mount dethatcher last spring so I can’t remember all the specifics about it. It is 60” wide with three rows of teeth. With 3 rows of teeth the spacing is 1 ½ inches so pretty much all of the ground gets raked. Went to the local implement dealer and went through their bins of teeth and found what would work. Double tooth with one bolt to hold them on. Off hand he didn’t know what they were used on and are readily available. The front casters came off of a Melroe pickup. $30.00 for the pair. The hydraulic cylinder “$40.00 “ came off a 7720 John Deere combine for swinging out the unloading auger which I got from the salvage yard. The frame 2x2x1/4 and flat iron and other materials are what I had on hand for my cultivators. The frame work might be over kill but I used what I had! The pivot points on the front are the balls from a cat 1 third link. The hydraulics are hooked to the front hydraulics on the 9020. The dethatcher itself floats independently by itself being it is connected to the framework by chains. Figured it should float for uneven ground. I can put down pressure on it with the cylinder which doesn’t work as good as the heavy square tubing lying all the way across it. I would have liked to have it painted but barely had time to primer it. The only problem is turning with it. The front tires are kind of bald so they slide when I turn. New tires and some weight on the front will cure that problem. It gets fairly long with the dethatcher and lawn vac & trailer. It fits nicely on my trailer for transporting it. The yard really looks good after one pass with it. The wife was all smiles :)after I showed her how it worked! I believe all those brownie points are all gone now?B) Next projects? Box scraper? Weed roller? http://www.fsmfg.com/weed_rollers.html Core aerator? Hydraulic scraper with a push off like the one we have on the farm but many yards smaller!
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