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A/C storage building??

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Here at the college, I was walking to class yesterday and I passed by these metal buildings, I couldn't tell if it was an air conditioning unit, or a storage building but it had Allis Chalmers on the sides, as well as Siemens-Allis on the sides too. I can't figure out what it would enclose. Any guesses???

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I'd guess some sort of electrical equipment. I found this searching for "siemans-allis": Allis-Chalmers manufactured some of the most durable and effective electrical control equipment used in the United States for over 75 years. Due to their rugged design, much of their equipment is still in service today. As economic difficulties overtook the Allis-Chalmers conglomerate, a partnership was formed with Siemens AG in 1978 creating the company known as Siemens-Allis. In 1985 Siemens AG bought out the remainder of Allis-Chalmers' interest in their partnership and established Siemens Energy and Automation. Since that time, (1985), Siemens has replaced or obsoleted much of the Allis-Chalmers and Siemens-Allis equipment they owned.

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Tractors made up a very small fraction of the Allis-Chalmers empire. There is a writer in "Antique Power" magazine who was a district sales rep for AC in the 50s. In each issue, he tells a story about working for them. Once, he told about the district sales office that AC built in Chicago. The company brass didn't have a lot of faith in the tractor division, so they built the building very plain with heavy floors and high ceilings so that it could be converted to a factory for one of the other divisions, in case the tractor division failed. At the nuclear power plant where I work, there are four 4500 horsepower Allis-Chalmers motors that power the pumps that circulate the water through the cooling tower. Each pump is rated for 140,000 gallons per minute.

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