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6116 with 48" deck 1982 loose belt

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HELP!! I just bought this tractor and am having troubles. First the deck cut too low even on the highest setting so I adjusted it. Now I can't get it to the highest setting, but on no. 4 it cut reasonable. Also now the belt has started slipping.... Did I pull the deck closer to the PTO and in doing so loosen the belt? Obviously I don't how to adjust this deck. Anyone that could help would be great:)

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No, In operations manual just real basic instructions on how to level the deck not adjust belt tension or height. Couldn't view the repair manual but plan on ordering it by phone. Still not sure if it will be in there though either.

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Hi, The first thing I would check is the arm the tightener idler is on. It is common for these to be bound up. It pivots on a sleeve that has a bolt through it. We see a lot of these that the arm is rusted to the sleeve and it is trying to pivot on the bolt. Some we have to press out and take some emery paper wrapped around a slotted rod in an electric drill and sand out the arm. Then wire wheel the pivot sleeve. After freeing and cleaning put grease or anti-seize on it and reassemble. The arm should pivot free. [This problem is common in the 700 to Sovereign deck belt idlers also] Cleaning and lubing these pivots is part of a tractor service at our shop. We remove every one and relube it. After you get the idler free, put the mower back on the tractor. The rod from the engage lever goes to linkage with a spring and collar on it. [Be sure you are in the M Mower hole on the engage lever and not the S Snowblower hole] When the mower is engaged the Collar that pushes the spring should compress the spring 1/2 inch or just slightly more. Then look at it when the mower is running. Should remain about there. If it is not there, [with the mower engine off] loosen the set screw and adjust the rod and try it again. Be sure the front belt guides on the engine are with 1/16 ti 1/8 of and inch from the engine pulley or you will burn spots in the belt when the engine is running and the mower is not engaged. Then when you engage the mower the belt will grab and break. Leaving these guides out will cause a brand new belt to grab and break. You will save a lot of grief if you use genuine Simplicity belts, because most aftermarket belts won't take the backwrap aroung the idlers. Improper belt guides adjustments cause more problems than anything else on this equipment, from belt failure, to transmission gear grinding, etc, the list goes on. My 2 cents worth and its free, value accordinly. Al Eden Note: These decks mow extremely well and really spread the grass out well when they are properly set up and leveled.

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WOW! Thanks everyone! I should be able to figure this out with everything you suggest. Leo... thanks for the manuals. Exactly what I need. I have'nt been able to to print them just view them... but I should be able to get them from my shop where I have broadband. (and a better printer with more paper} My home computer does'nt want to save for some reason... its old and very temperamental it seems. Al... thats the kind of advise you don't get from a manual Thank you! Dennis... nope, hadn't checked there until you mentioned it. Thank you! I often need the obvious pointed out to me. Then I'm fine...heh, heh, heh. Been that way my whole life. Drives my wife nuts :}

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      Hello glad I got on this site. I hope to upload a couple of photos of my Simplicity Broadmoor 
      Model 707 Tractor. I have replaced all the belts on it and installed a new ignition switch.
      Have a mower deck which was in poor shape , repaced a couple of bushings and welded the
      deck where there was some holes. The tractor and mower deck came from a friend and the 
      mower deck metal was getting pretty thin. Some new metal was put in it and we also undercoated the underside of the deck. This was done by my friend Greg Toulman.
      I have not put the mower deck on the tractor yet, waiting for Greg to come home and give me a hand. Can you please tell me if there is a manual for the mower deck and where I could get one.
      I would also like to get some moon wheel discs as well.
      I will try and down load some photos of the tractor when my wife shows me how to. 
      I really love driving this tractor and also how well it is made compare today's tractors, especially the flexible rear end and the rollers.
      Tell the next time 
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      folowing  this from a link at the downloads.  I just rescued an AC 920 with the lambodini diesel. I can' t download  yet .  Where did you find the PDF copy you posted. . I would like to figure out how to adjust the injection pump. 
      I assume it's a bosche, correct
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