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Briggs experiment


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Thanks to Fred, Bob, Dave, Mark, and a few others I'm sure I've missed for the suggestions for replacing my Simp 4040 Onan with something more serviceable. Horzontal engines with some horsepower are very hard to find around here so I'm going to use that 1st engine I found. A Briggs twin L-head 16.5 hp built 1983. I paid $250 for it and the claim was "220 hours on it". I swear on a holy tractor the factory installed header pipes can be removed with a little WD-40 and a pair of pliers. As a temp replacement I'll have to live without the snowblower and belly mower but I don't really NEED them. But with any luck .... I'm not a thrift Scotsman I'm a darned cheap Scotsman and won't pay a machinist unless there's any other way. So if I'm sucessful here then anyone should be able to do it. With just a little help the double drive pulley will fit on the Briggs aluminum fan. I don't know what the bolt torque should be. How much torque for 3/8 bolts w/14 thread 1 inch into aluminum using split lock washers?? Does Briggs or anyone else make an electric clutch PTO that will fit the front shaft??

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