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2 wheel Simplicity Tractor for sale.


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5-6-99 @ 22:12

I recently looked at 2 wheel Simplicity tractor that
was for sale. I don't know what its worth or if
collectors seek them or not but if anyone is interested
here is the information.
Model: VA; S.N. 16742; B & S engine Model 14; Type #
202074; S.N. 290703.
Attachments with it are a turning plow, a cultivator,
and a hilling or furrowing plow.
Asking price is $600. The seller is:
Kenny Edwards 423-487-5589

Condition of the tractor looked to be good but I did
not see the engine run.

I'm curious to know if this model is desired by
collectors, what it is usually worth, and what year it
was made.

Do I remember seeing that Model 14 B & S
engines are rare?

He also has an almost new Troy Built 8 hp tiller for
sale. It is priced at $1,250.

That's all,
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The simplicity VA is a collectable.The motor was made in 1955.I have several Simplicity model VA with a briggs&stratton model 14.I have not paid that much for the ones I have bought.
karl brandt
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I have/use one as well. Orig. motor with snowblade, plow(dirt), sulky and weak snowblower(dangerous). Mine is Model V with the model 14 engine. Runs quite well. Many parts are still available at the local Simplicity dealer.
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