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Question on late model 42" snow blade


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I'm hoping that someone has a newer 42" snow blade model # 1693754 and can take a look at it and answer a question and post a picture. This blade can be rotated from the seat by lifting a plate (item #28) and rotating the blade. This plate engages a piece that is welded to the hitch. The question I have is if you lift the plate, is there another 1/2" diameter hole under the plate like is shown on item #24. A picture would be great if you could post one. http://www.simplicitytechpubs.com/6767PRINT/PDF_files/TP_400_2367_00_AT_SMA.pdf If you look at the link for the hitch (1693757), you will see that it has a pivot hole and another hole directly behind it. This new style hitch has an additional chunk of metal welded to the piece of flat stock directly behind the second hole. This chunk of metal engages the plate (item #28). http://www.simplicitytechpubs.com/6767PRINT/PDF_files/TP_400_2390_00_AT_SMA.pdf I have an older hitch (1690497) and was wondering if I bought blade 1693754 and removed item #28, could it adapt to my older hitch. http://www.simplicitytechpubs.com/6767PRINT/PDF_files/TP_400_2380_00_AT_SMA.pdf
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