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Please explain somethings between Briggs&Kohlers

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Ok I know that we all have our favorite engines. So lets talk about the 10-16hp cast engines some more. But some facts have come up about the 10hp-16hp. But can someone comment on some things that were said about both. Is the K-series Kohler discontinued or are they being sold untill they run out of them. The briggs 16hp was said to have 32cu.in and the 16 Kohler 36cu.in. Does this mean then at least the 16hp Kohler will have more torque at a lower rpm then the Briggs? And is it true that some of the Briggs are made by other companies? Now we are talking cast iron engines here. Also don't both engines have the same 3600 rpm ratings. As far as rebuilding I do know some engine rebuild shops will replace everything to cover future warrenty problems. I have heard some real good facts but lets try to stay with the facts and not just our loyalty to one brand.Please lets learn some more about these great engines. Thanks Jackl

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Yes, I'm sorry to say the venerable K-series is no more. A victim of tightening emission control laws. However, it's succesor is the M, or Magnum series of iron engines. If you set a K-301(12hp) next to a M-12(12hp), you will see very little difference. Replacing a K with an M usually presents no difficulties. When the supply of already manufactured K-series is depleted, that's all she wrote. A Briggs 16 horse computes out to 32.4 c.i., while the Kohler 16 specs at 35.89 c.i. The difference in sizes is due to the bore size, the stroke is the same at 3.25" on both. I doubt if the Kohler will out-perform the Briggs on low end torque, but it's greater bore size should enable it to pull ahead on the top end. As a matter of fact, that same bore and stroke Kohler makes 18hp with the addition of overhead valves on a K-361. Yes, both manufacturers rated these engines at 3600rpm. However, if you take either one and twist it on up past 3600, (not recommended in stock form!), they will both make more horsepower.

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First let us understand. We are discussing only cast Iron engines here.The briggs cast iron engines have not been made here in the states for quite some time. They manifacture for export to other countries. The Kohler K and M series are now made in Mexico and will no longer be sold to OEM suppliers due to CARB (California Air Regulation Board) regulations. The old flat head engines can not meet the 99 air quality regs.
As to displacement as far as I know all the cast iron Briggs of rated Hp were smaller cube inch. IE 10 HP briggs 23 ci 10 HP Kohler 24 ci. than Kohler.
As to replacements the higher usage engines will still be built for replacement. They are avaiable as complete engines at this time, but in the near future they may only be avaiable as parts.
RPM is designated via the spec mumber on the engine per the manifacturer. They run from 32oo to 3600.
I have rebuild several engines here in my shop. I have found any enigine with several hours on it will usually have an out of round cylinder. Therefore I make it a practice to bore the Cylinder oversize and usually have to turn the crank due to our of round wear. They can be put back but my experience is they probally will not hold and will use oil. The customer is not happy to save $100 or so on an overhaul only to have it use oil as bad or worse than it did. I hope this answers some of your questions. No two units are the same. Both Briggs and Kohler make good engines.

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