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Been there done that.

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I saw this and it brought back memories Aint this hobby fun. Today I brought my dependable old tractor into the shop for a little TLC before spring mowing gets here. Opened the hood and gazed at the engine for a bit and then decided to start with the air cleaner. Unscrewed the top and removed the insert...Yuck Really crusted with dirt..No air could get thru that ! Now at this point my mind wandered a bit. If I put in a fresh air cleaner, its going to lean the mixture way out.. has too.. I'll try and adjust the high speed and Idle adjustments but they'll be corroded and nothing will happen.. The engine will just run badly...Rats Unhook everything, remove carb.. Last bolt is really tight, little harder.. click ! there it came.. great, thought it snapped. Clean and rebuild card (Kit.. $$$$ putting carb back together - where is that little spring thingy that holds the float valve on the float ? I know I put it in the parts box..none in the kit! 2 days, 9 phone calls, 5 dollars in gas..found a guy who let me rob one from a parts carb. Replace carb, looks great , just tighten the mounting bolts a little more to be sure..Click! broke off flush with the block, drill, easy out ? more drilling ..remember words not used in a long time.. finally out but no threads left, re-drill and tap, next size larger... need to drill out carb hole for larger bolt, ouch! bit caught.. carb to other side of shop but carb ear still on drill bit!! 9 calls, 3 weeks and $69.95 plus shipping, used carb >>> Back to reality, I gently bump the old air cleaner element against the bench, blow it off a little with the air hose and replace it for another year. Just not worth the chance:( Have a great new year:D

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