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Simpicity 5216


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To All,
I'm looking at buying a Simplicity 5216 that has been
in storage around 8 years. Seller said he thought it
was about 10 years old. It has a vertical shaft B & S
16 hp engine and hyrostatic drive. Seller has put in
a new battery, filters, and new front tires. Says it
runs good.
I would like to know:
1. Will the 5216 will take a dozer
blade and tiller?
2. What brand is the hydrostatic drive?
3. Any known problems?
Please reply ASAP. I may try to buy this weekend.
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1. Blade yes - tiller no.
2. Eaton
3. Not really but make sure ALL trans mounting points are secure. I'm servicing one now and they are really very nice - or at least can be.
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