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BGB pulley pulling

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Well, there are a few different BGB pulleys to start with and normaly they aren't that hard to remove. One of the things I have seen happen to make them hard is most often on the PTO clutch ( on those that have them ) The clutch gets loose and then hammers back and forth on the shaft until it gets the key out of line so there is no groove for the key to slide in until you line it back up. Being the shaft is always ruined by this time I just cut the shaft most times when this has happened. If you can weld, cut the heads off of 2 5/16 bolts and weld them on either side of the pulley hub. If you just tack the ends, removal is a snap after.(just bend them outward and the welds should snap) Now get a piece of flat steel and drill it to match your welded bolts. Place it on the bolts and place a piece of round stock between the place and the shaft. Put nuts on the studs and tighten half a turn each till something gives. Don't hammer as you may damage the bevel gears or the snap rings etc.. Good luck

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