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Any interest in a new sickle mower divider board

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Picked up a sickle mower the other day that amazingly enough had the original divider board on it. Looked like it wouldn't be too bad to replicate so I did. The only difference between mine and the original is mine is made from solid ash lumber, which is very hard wood and mine is also about an 1/8" less in width (5 3/8" vs. 5 1/2"). My stock lumber is 5 1/2" to start with and I lost about an 1/8" cleaning up the edges. Anyhow, if there is any interest I can make some more. I was figuring about $25 - shipping included - for the unpainted board (I'll send you one without the flaw in the grain the one in the pic has) or $40 shipping included if you want primed and painted orange. I could also stain it dark brown instead of painting for $30 total shipping included but with no finish on it, just stain. This divider fits virtually all 46" sickle mowers (990-210, 346, 402, 465, 538, 548, 623, and 687) and is a duplicate of original part #101078. Just let me know one way or another. Prices are shipping included via US mail. Thanks, Brent

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