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Tom Deutsch

strong hitch!

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Tom Deutsch
I finally got the deck back on my 917 this weekend and used it to cut some grass. I must have put one of the spring clip in wrong because as I turned a corner I saw, heard and felt the deck let loose from one of the front hitches as the pin must have worked free. I thought for sure I was going to be looking at busted or at least bent hitch parts -- there was a lot of force acting on that one remaining hitch(turning corner, driven wheels, PTO yanking on the deck, friction on ground) but everything looks just fine on the tractor and deck. I've looked at the metal used on the Home Despot units and I can't imagine even their so-called garden tractors standing up to that kind of punishment. I put a new pin and clip in and it works just like it did before my boneheaded move. I'm glad I bought an over-engineered machine!

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