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york rake


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I was wondering if anyone has ever fabricated a york
rake to fit an older tractor like mine,(64 landlord).
Building the frame and hooking it up to my tractor
using the rear lift will be the easy part.The part
i'm not sure of is were to get the spring tines
and how much will they cost.I've looked for a used
one but cant seem to find one ,(cheap).Anybody build
one before, I think it would be a nice tool to have
around.[A href='rakerake']rakerake[/a]
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I've never built one, but we used one with the old Ford 8N growing up...

One source for "cheap" spring steel would be from old car leaf springs, perhaps from a junk yard or broken ones from a repair shop... These would likely have to be ground down to a point to do what you'd like....

An even better source would be from an old horse-drawn hay rake, should you find one in very sad shape (not valuable as an "antique.") (We also had one of these growing up.) This is some real high tensile steel -- these fragile looking tines would easily bend 6-8 inches, then jump back into position.... These tines would likely also have the better shape (kind of a diamond shape) and curvature to do what you want to do... They're quite long, yet strong...you could likely get 4 to 5 tines for your York rake out of one tine from

Just reminiscing....
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