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Yes I think instead of driving over these decks it would even be quicker if we just pulled a "WHEELIE" and jumped over the darn deck. just me happy-jack
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Spring is here. Time to mow.
1. Oil and free up all the rollers
(incl the 2 anti-scalpers way under) CHECK.
2. Oil the idler pulley (under the tin cover) CHECK.
3. Sharpen the blades CHECK.
4. Install mower under trac CHECK.
Test ????
WAIT. Something is wrong !
Blades were reinstalled upside down !!!
Undo step 4. Turn blades over.
Redo step 4.
At least with the Simplicity 3 pins attachment,
the above only took 10-15 minutes.

PLEASE keep this between us, and don't let it get around.
The guys at Simple Tractors will laugh at me.

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Also don't forget to retension the spring on the deck belt! Oh! you didn't unhook the spring on the deck belt. If that belt is only a few years old it may make it through a mowing or two. Well we'll just drop that deck again when that belt fails.... Good thing these decks are easy to get on and off

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Reminds me of long ago BG (before Gunk) I was cleaning the
crud off a '48 Chev pickumup motor with gas, paint brush, and
putty knife. (without disconnecting the battery of course)(too rushed).
The 1 minute run to the barn and return with the fire extingusher is
still a 100 yd record. My truck sported all brand new wiring after that, though.
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