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Leaking fuel shut off solenoid.

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I have a 16hp Briggs that has a leaking fuel shut-off solenoid on it. I can hear and feel the solenoid actuating but there must be something in it that prevents it from sealing properly. Is it possible to repair or replace these things or would I be better off removing it and putting a shut-off valve in the fuel line?

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Hi, The solenoid has nothing to do with the fuel inlet. You can snip the needle on the fuel solenoid off and the engine will run fine. All the fuel shutoff does is plug the main jet when the engine is shut off so that on wind down so the main jet is not dumping fuel in the cylinders that have no spark allowing it to flow into the muffler where the red hot metal vaporizes it and ignites it. The result is BSS (Brow Seat Syndrome) The big bang after shut down just about the time you are lifting your leg to get off. For the fuel solenoid to be effective you need to shut the engine off at 3/4 to full throttle. This lets the cool air to flow into the cylinders on a long wind down with no fuel in it. As the wind down speed approaches idle, the idle circuit puts fuel in the air again. The high volume of air that has flowed through the cylinders and muffler and cooled the inside of the muffler down so the small amount of fuel that gets to the muffler is minimal and no afterfire. If you buy a new Kohler engine it tells you to shut it off wide open. Anyway, I believe your problem is related to the inlet needle and seat and float. Usually it is a tiny piece of dirt under the needle. Also check the float to be sure it doesn't have gas inside it. Al Eden

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