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VariDrive re-assembly

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I am restoring a 3210v that was sitting in a field here in NH for a least 10 years. Just about everything except for the engine, BGB, and transmission were seized up. I had to completely dissasemble the VariDrive assembly and free everything everything up and the info in the thread below for re-assembly was very helpful. http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=51958 I just need to go a little deeper in this topic. In the process of re-assembling the front and rear pulley 1/2's I noticed that in the front pulley assembly the pulley 1/2 that adjusts/slides is on the inside and on the rear pulley assembly the pulley 1/2 that adjusts/slides is on the outside. On the front pulley assembly the lock nut can be tightened all the way, without affecting the sliding pulley 1/2. On the rear however because the outside pulley needs to move, the position of the locknut on that shaft appears to be critical. If the locknut were tightened all the way the pulleys cannot move. In fact the locknut was tightened all the way to the outside pulley halve when I dis-assembled the drive so I had no reference for assembly This rear locknut placement seems to also effect how tight the belt is before the regular adjustments are started. So my question is: How far does the rear locknut need to be threaded on?

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It needs to be fully tightened to the torque spec shown in the parts diagram (50 ft-lbs). You might want to stop short of 50 ft-lbs if it feels like the threads are beginning to strip. I felt like 50 ft-lbs was a little high when I was torquing mine. Sounds like you are 1) missing a sliding spacer, or 2) missing a washer/shim that goes between the two spacers, or 3) have the wrong length spacers on the rear shaft (mixed them up with those on the front maybe), or 4) the nut was previously loose and the spacers are worn. If the nut is not fully tightened, you'll quickly ruin the input shaft to the trans, and these are NLA. The locknut will tighten against the teflon coated spacer that the outer pulley slides on. There should be two spacers. I believe the correct assembly sequence starting at the trans case is 1) install spacer sleeve on shaft, 3) insert woodruf key into shaft, 3) slide inner pulley half over shaft and engage key, 4) install teflon coated spacer over shaft, 5) install outer pulley half (with bearing) over telfon coated spacer, 6) install locknut and tighten. Once tightened, the outer pulley should move freely in and out along the spacer. You might want to read this article also. http://simpletractors.com/club2/portal_External.asp?LinkID=145&LinkName=How%20the%20variable%20drive%20works&CatID=28&CatTitle=Variable&URL=http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=26075

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Thanks for the reply. I was very careful not to mix up the parts and their order of assembly on the shaft. The stackup of parts exactly matches what you described starting at the transmission side. So I guess the problem is that the outside pulley is seized onto the teflon coated spacer, it was the one assembly that I didn't look really close at and when I re-assembled it and tightened the nut there was no possible movement for the outside pulley and I thought this will not work unless the the outside pulley is able to move. When I did look at the outside pulley assembly the spacer appeared to be attached to the bearing. The pulley rotated freely when holding the bearing and visa versa. -------------------------------------------------------------------- "Once tightened, the outer pulley should move freely in and out along the spacer" -------------------------------------------------------------------- I dont have this when the nut is tight. I'll be looking closer at this tomorrow Thanks again

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