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Garden debris ?? (this weeks project)

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what to do with the dead plants and cornstalks pulled from the garden??

Well, you start with this "junk" pulled out of the mud behind someones old barn. B)

Then you "attack" it with a torch and welder [:0] And then it attaches itself to the back of an old pullin tractor :I

Then stuff that old dried up foliage in the top, and it comes out the bottom looking like something useful ?

Still gotta rework the guards, maybe apply some paint, might even add a clutch idler, but at an idle, running off the low speed pulley of a 6 speed tranny, with only its own weight as a belt tensioner, it certainly seems to do a decent job for tinkering with a pile of set up junk for a few hours. 8D8D Next weeks project: Repowered Bush Hog :p

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