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New Style Deck - Blade Centering

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I recently picked up a "new style" deck (44" Broadmoor) on E-bay. It's a right hand discharge and I plan to retrofit it to my A/C built Homelite T-12. Upon taking the blades off, I noticed 2 of the three were not centered properly. The hole in the blade is round and the arbor shaft is hex AND the hole in blade is larger in diameter than the outer diameter of the hex by a almost 1/8 inch. At first I thought a couple of the blades were wrong, but they were all the same. I looked closer at the arbor shaft end and "grass shield". Here's what I found: [img]/club2/attach/phandad/Spindles1.jpg[/img] A close up of just the "grass shield": [img]/club2/attach/phandad/Spindles2.jpg[/img] The left hand arbor centered the blade correctly. As you can see from the pics, the "grass shield" now acts as a thin spacer to center the blade rather than have the special centering spline washer as on my GHTL deck. I'm sure this saved some manufacturing cost, but it's much easier to mess up blade installation as proven by the previous owner. It's pretty easy to hang the blade on the flat of the hex and tighten down the washer and mash the thin gauge grass shield. Do all the newer Simplicity decks use this feature? Anyone have a similar problem?

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