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Governor adjustment

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This afternoon I started up the other cast iron Briggs I bought. I think it's a 12 HP, can't read the tag. Bolted on a condenser, cleaned points, bolted on a carb and fuel line, but battery power to the S/G, and it turned over and fired. Anyway I had to make a governer link from electric fence wire I had. I think I got it too long as it seems like the motor wants to run at much faster than idle should be. There is no remote throttle at all, just the bare engine. If I shorten the link, will that slow it? I may have trouble adjusting much until I bolt it in a tractor, since bolted on a pallet sitting on a porch it vibrates enough that all I can do is hold it still.

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I don't remember the measurement for the linkage but if readjust the govn. arm it will reset to the length you made as long as the one you made is close to the orriginal length. Do this by holding the throttle shaft on the carb and hold it in the wide open throttle possition. While holding it there, loosen the lock bolt on the govn. arm comeing out of the block and turn it all the way counterclockwise. This will make the wide open possition of the govn. match up with the carb. If you get the right linkage replacement you will again have to reset this adjustment.

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Hi, One easy to remember which way to turn the governor shaft regardless of the engine. Grab the governor arm and push it until the carb is wide open. (Normaly opening the throttle control will pull the arm to wide open) Loosen the clamp and turn the shaft in the same direction that the arm moves to open the carb wide open. With the carb wide open and the shaft rotated to stop, tighten the clamp. Same as Dave said, it just eliminates the need to remember clockwise or counter clockwise on vatious engines. Al Eden

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