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7016 Lives Again

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Well, I found a good use for Labor Day and finally tackled the dead Sunstrand hydro on my Simplicity 7016. I took the time to document the pump swap (many thanks Graham for the "new" pump), since I made a couple of discoveries along the way that might help others contemplating the same thing. If you can find one, I strongly reccomend that you acquire a “repair manual” for the tractor you will be working on. It contains some of the most detailed information and pictures I’ve found so far on these machines. I got mine off eBay, but I imagine there are other sources. The swap was relatively straightforward, but there are a few tips I felt I wanted to share. In this shot, re-assembly was about to begin.

The original (dead) pump can be seen to the left, and while my high-temp silicone was drying, I replaced the hoses which I noticed had become cracked with age. My local dealer said he would have to order the hoses and that they were about $28.00 each. I selected 125 psi rated washing machine hose that looked real close in composition to my old hoses. I've installed one at this point. Also note that the left vertical bar of the draw hitch was removed. The pump would not come out with it in place. I also discovered that the pulley which runs the pump must be removed before the pump can be succesfully extracted. In what was for me a flash of inspiration, I decided to use my harmonic balancer puller so I would not distort the pulley as I've done in the past with typical 3-arm style pullers.

Since I'd had it soaking with WD-40 overnight, I grabbed my big adjustable wrench and started cranking. That turned out to be a mistake, and this was the result.

With nothing left to lose, I grabbed my impact wrench and the pulley popped off almost instantly. Ok, so I learned two things here, WD-40 didn't do diddly, and trying to "sneak up" on pulley removal doesn't work. Thankfully, the new pump had arrived complete with pulley, so after carefully polishing the pump shaft with some emery cloth and the pulley shaft hole with some 400 wet/dry sandpaper I re-installed the pulley that hade come with the pump. I even smeared a drop of oil on the pump shaft to ease the pulley on since the repair manual had bold faced warnings telling me where absolutely to NOT tap with a hammer. I was careful and this was the result.

Of course, only Simplicity Orange silicone was acceptable. Actually, I used some stuff I had on hand that just happened to be orange. I applied it as the manual instruced me to and had no problems.

Once I re-installed the hydro fan and shroud, refilled the rear end with tranny fluid, and primed the pump (repair manual to the rescue once more), I declared the swap a success and took a victory lap around the yard.

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Brian, ;)Great narration, seems a candidate for the tech section. Just a hint.....pick up a can of Anti-Seize or Never-Seize, a dab of that on the shaft will last and work better than the oil;). :DJust don't get a dab on you, you'll be covered with it within seconds:D. Joe

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You can download a Repair manual free from the Simplicity Tech pubs site [url="http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=32436"]Simplicity Technical Publications Document Search [/url] [url]http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=32436[/url] http://www.simplicitytechpubs.com/v_techpubsearch.php

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