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openin a can of worms , might sell off B-10 and ?

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All right so over some time I have accumulated a bunch of stuff and have done nothing with it. The wife is not happy that I bought the 720 and does not understand. Told her could be worse, I cuould get back into the SCCA racing and NHRA racin again. Or take up sports at the bar with the co workers everyday after work. But it has also givin me some thoughts of what I do have around here. And I have come to the conclusion I might just have to much and wont get any of it done. So here is a list of the things I have and MIGHT sell, Now its not definate yet , Im still sittin on the fence on this one. A complete B-10 rolling unit No motor, did some horse tradin with Dave C. . A complete B-212 motor and all its a ugly duck but all there and has HYD lift. tires are shot. Planed on transplanting the motor and lift into the B-10. Have a later (identical to B-10) MW squire9 with good trans,BGB,hood and front axle new front tires. Also Have a carcas of a B-10 from the BGB foward no hood or grill got it as part of another deal. Have a mower deck for the B-212 solid dont remember if the spindles are good or not but it is complete and solid. A snowblower/thrower for the b series. A A/C sickle bar mower. A nice primer painted hood for a b-1 along with front grill suports grill has holes. Another 12HP b/s from a B-12 so I am told, its comple but needs a rebuild from sittin. A spare set of rear rims for a B series. I also Have a snowblower/thrower for a simplicity not sure what modle it fits but it is almost like brand new, by the looks of it maybe used to clear a sidewalk ONCE thats it. And lastly The prized part of all this the L-10 loader with mounting braces and the rear wheel spacers. The spacers are the ones to shift the rear wheels out about 1 1/2 to 2 inces to clear the frame work. I do NOT have the adapters for the duel wheel set up. I think the 720 is better suited for me and will do everything I want. If I do sell off this stuff its to pay off bills and to clean house. I will also sell the tiller that came with the 720 too. Almost forgot also have a snow plow for the B series too, and a fectory owners man for the loader. Like I have said, I'm not sure yet if I am going to part with everything. The stuff that I would keep is one 12hp motor the B-10 and the loader. Just curious also if anyone has a idea of recent sale prices on this stuff in general. James K.

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