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Will engine fit

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Originally posted by a7117puller
onans=electrican nightmare lol, goodluck!
What specifically is the reason for your comment about the Onan? Is it that electricians are not mechanically inclined enough to operate/work on one or is there something inherently wrong with the engine? Personally, I'm impressed so far with the Onan in my tractor. I'll admit it was a challenge to get it running correctly at first but once that was accomplished the engine is impressive for its age.

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The basis for JP's ?? are to determine whether or not there is enough left of the Onan to justify rebuilding it. JP, correct me if I'm wrong... The uncommon trates of the CCK series are diff. in the dimentions from the mounting base to the centerline of the crankshaft. So to determine if it will fit aplies if your willing to change enough mechanics in the tractor to let the replacement engine properly function. So is it less costly to fix what you have or take the time and exspence to modify everything involved and go w/ something else. Beeser, these CCK's used an odd chargeing system that when repair is needed it's costly to say the least. They are certainly not the easiest to diagnose. However, if it works it's like all the rest. Out of sight-out of mind. The costlyness of these engines to me represents to me that they were tough enough to outlast the shelf life of their repair parts. They are just recently a real demand for the more common parts like pistons, rings, bearings, chargeing parts. So there again it's comparatively costly to rebuild verses some off the shelf agg supply replacement engine. I'm doing one now completely and will have at least 400.00 in it not counting any labor. Plenty to spend on a twin cyl. engine but for a time breakdown verses service received that's not much for 30 years. Now what will you do for parts on the replacement engine in 5 years? Will the replacement engine be worth fixing then? Just a few of the things to think about.

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Hi, I have a 616 same tractor and spent quite a bit of time trying to put a Kohler Command in it. I ran into a lot of real estate problems. I got a call from a person in Missouri that had bought a Kohler Command for a customer and Was DETERMINED to put is in because he had to keep it. He called me later and told me he had to cut and move the steering and clutch stuff, move it and reweld it. He said: "It was a butcher job, but he had to get his money back out of that engine and that he would NEVER cut another one up like that." I am aware of a similar situation on a 712 Allis and a Commnad. They work well in the 900s but require a lot of cutting in the 700s. This is why one should measure twice first before buying an engine. It is a lot easier to change your mind before a lot of money is alraady setting there. We have templates with engine top, front and side profiles and we usually use these when we are even thinking of using an engine in a project. If you want to make some one way to do it is to find an engine and take some card board, darken the room, set a light in line with one edge of the engine shining on the template and mark the shadow, then move the light to the other side and mark the shadow etc. This keeps the size relevent because the light will define the correct size this way. We were able to obtain some full size outling drawings from Kohler and could glue them on a sheet of aluminum and cut out the outline. But the old cardboard ones worked for a long time. Al Eden

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