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Kohler carb

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Question: What might be the problem? I have a 1994 Kohler 25hp twin. It hadn't been run at all until 5 weeks ago. It had been awakened by emptying the tank and fuel line, soaking the cylinders in oil and then started up with fresh fuel. It was run for about 10 minutes and then shut down. Today, it will only run by spraying carb clean into carb. The line is clean, the filter is new and the fuel pump is operational (even tried gravity feed fuel). Took the carb off and sprayed carb clean into every crevice. Still only runs on direct spray into carb. What are your thoughts? I am figuring a carb bath to get into the deep recesses I couldn't spray into. Darn thing worked great a few weeks ago now nothing. It had stabilizer in it but it had sat a long time. Only a little crud in the carb when taken off prior to cleaning. I figure it has a blockage somewhere I can't see. All your opinions appreciated. My plan right now is to have someone with a cleaning sink remove all the gaskets and rubber seals and give it a good soak. Thanks in advance...

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I would buy a new carb kit and rebuild the carb. Gas doesn`t have a very long shelf life and starts to gum up rather quickly, more than likely it has sucked small particals in the last time you had it running.

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