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Kohler KT17 Charging Problem

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I have an AC 917 with a Kohler KT17 series 1 engine with the 15 amp charging system. It will not charge up the battery and does not show charge on the ammeter when running. I performed the tests recommended in the engine manual and it shows that the stator has a problem because it is only putting out 15 amps AC with the regulator unhooked and running at 3600 rpm. The manual says it should be at least 28 volts AC. I replaced the stator with one that I knew had worked but still had the same problem - l5 volts AC from stator. The magnets on the flywheel are not clogged up. When I rebuilt this engine, the magnets on the flywheel were loose so I had to reglue them. If I mistakenly placed them on the flywheel 180 degrees from their original placement, would this cause my problem? Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi, I question if you mean 15 volts, not amps. If that is so, I suspect you have not gotten the magnets back in with the proper North, South pole sequence. I know of no real way to get them in the correct sequence, if they are out of sequence. Having them 180 out in the flywheel is erevellant, but getting them turned around or out of sequence is critical. Suspect you need another flywheel. I think Dave is right on. Al Eden

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Problem is solved. I had to change the position of 2 of the magnets. If you take a small magnet and place it near the center of each of the 6 curved magnets inside the flywheel, the small magnet will either be attracted or repelled. The magnets must be arranged on the flywheel as attract, repel, attract, repel, attract, repel.

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