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Front Axle Seal Confusion

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I'm putting new tires on the front of my GTH-L and while apart I'm going to repack the bearings and replace the axle seals. The seal isn't integral with the inner bearing cone on the GTH-L like it is on older tractors. The seal is separate and all rubber on one side and the other side has a metal "washer" bonded to it. The existing seal was mounted with the rubber facing the center of the tractor and the metal side against the inner bearing cone. Now for the confusing part. I figured I'd read the LFGT Repair Manual to see if I'm missing anything. I quote the manual (pg 11-5, Installation #2) about installing the seal: "If not already installed, assemble the seals with the rubber coated side toward the outside and the inner bearing cones on both spindles. Place flanged side of seal next to the spacer collar and the largest end of the bearing cone next to the seals." (The spacer collar is the first item on the spindle, closest to the tractor center.) To me, the first sentence says to install the rubber side of the seal toward the center of the tractor. If the "flanged side" of the seal is side with the metal "washer", then the second sentence says to install the seal the opposite way. The word causing my confusion is "outside" - I'm thinking "outside" of wheel. Could they mean "outside" of tractor? The seals may have been incorrectly installed in the past. How do you install the seals? Thanks for your thoughts.

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The instructions take you through the assembly process twice. Just rember the rubber seal is a dust cover for the bearing it goes on facing the tractor or facing the dust and rian keeping it from intering the bearing. The confusion is to see the difference of witch way the rubber faces. "smooth all rubber side to the ellements". (then it repeated it again) But added the first thing on the axel is the spacer, then the rubber(seal), then the bearing. Dont wory about the washer as much, the bearing will only fit into the cone one way. The tapered (Temken) type bearings are simple and fool proof. But I see what you are saying and how it reads a little confusing. (or a lot like some of my posts) lol I put a set of new bearings in my Lanlord and the bearings the rubber seal was seperate as well. And no I'm NOT calling you a fool, the first time I had one apart I had the same problem. And scrached my head till I figured it out.

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Just a thought.On all my tractors I drilled a hole in the dust cover and put a grease fitting.When I change the oil I pump grease into the front spindles until it just comes out the rear seal.

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