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Tire chains

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You need to know what size your tires are - could be a number of sizes - check the sidewall. That dictates what tire chain set you need. Now, if you don't mind spending some extra time while fitting them, you can always shorten a longer set, or add links to a short set if you have access to that kind of stuff. But if you are buying chains, get the right size the first time, and then you won't have to deal with floppy chains that get bungee corded or wired together. A little patience during installation and that stuff isn't necessary, plus looks better. One tip for tractors that don't have loaded tires, is to let the air out, fit the chain up - latch to the outside - and then air it back up to proper pressure to take out that last little bit of slack. I have actually seen people over the years that had loose chains fall off and get wrapped up in tractor parts - I saw a 7117 get it's hydro vent pipe and PTO spring lever pivot stud get ripped off when the chain caught it. Luckily it didn't break the axle housing. Tim

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Paul Morrissey
Your tractor should be equiped with 23-8x12 tires. The only chains that I know of that fit that tire are 23-800,850x12 2 or 4 link chains The 2 link are the proper ones to use as they are not so hard on the transmission. Our trick is to deflate the tires then install the chains with cutting out a cross link if necessary - cut off excess side chain then inflate the tires to 12 pounds. If chains are put on correctly you won't have to worry. Always keep an eye on them however, because as the temperature drops - so does the size of the tire. Paul

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